Frequently asked questions

Q. Are the plans stamped?

A. No, the plans are not stamped or sealed by an architect. Any beams to be speced or truss designs should be supplied by the supply center and should be submitted with your permit application. Most towns/cities do not require an architectural stamp, but, if your town does require stamped plans, you will need to bring our plans to a local registered architect.


Q. How many sets of plans do I really need to build a home? How many copies can I make?

A. It depends, in most cases, five or more sets are needed (one for you, one for the bank, one or two for the building department, one or two for the builder, one set for each contractor or subcontractor and so on). Keep in mind the most accurate way to receive any bids is with a full set of scaled plans. The owner and only the owner (that purchased the plans) can make as many copies that they need for that plan. A builder purchasing a plan can use it for multiple builds only for himself. You can have scaled copies made at any local print shop (i.e Staples)


Q. Is a material list available for the plan I want to purchase?

A. No, you will find that your local supply center or builder can produce the most accurate material list based on your needs and local codes. This will allow the homeowner/builder to choose the products they want on their home.


Q. What is included in the square footage that you show on your plans?

A. The total square footage includes the entire heated living space, calculated from the exterior walls. It does not include decks, porches, garages, unfinished basements, attics and most bonus rooms. Stairs are added only once to the first floor square footage.


Q. How are the room sizes figured?

A. Room dimensions are figured from sheetrock to sheetrock. In oddly shaped rooms I will do a rough size or I will figure out the box space and put a “+/-“ sign following.


Q. Do your plans come with a full foundation?

A. Yes.


Q. Can I change an existing foundation from a walk-out to a standard foundation?

A. Yes, you can make a plan that is a walk-out into a standard foundation with a bulkhead. Sometimes it can be done on site without having plans changed by us; check with your builder to see if a change is needed.


Q. Can I make a standard foundation into a walk-out?

A. In most cases, yes, you can. It might be best to call us or send us an email on where you would like the walk-out to be.


Q. Can I modify your plans?

A. Yes you can, for more information see “Modify A Plan” at the bottom of the HOME page.


Alan created a design plan that was spot on! We were able to secure the permit and finished our dream home way ahead of schedule.

Maud Moss

I have worked with Alan on a variety of design plans. He provides all the necessary plans for us to present to our clients and any modification requests are done in no time!

Joe Cunningham


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